Refugee: Refuge (#1), Vol. 1 - Piers Anthony - Mass Market Paperback / Piers Anthony (1983)

Book Details
Volume Bio of a Space Tyrant
Publication Date 1983
Nr of Pages 320
Format (size) Paperback
Publisher Avon Books (Mm)

A young hispanic refugee flees the moon Callisto with his family. They board a space bubble. The bubble is attacked by pirates many times.

This was the first in the "Bio of a Space Tyrant" series.
In the first book, our hero, Hope Hubris, is just a kid.
He gets kicked around a lot as his family gets murdered,
raped, et. al. and he gets beaten up too. I guess this
is to make him angry so he kicks butt in the second book,

More Details
Index 29
Read It Yes
ISBN 0380841940
Cover Price kr 4,50
Issue Nr 1
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