Bill, the Galactic Hero: (the final incoherent adventure! /) / Harrison, Harry (1965)

Book Details
Publication Date 1979
Nr of Pages 185
Format (size) Paperback
Publisher Avon Books (Mm)


It was the highest honor to defend the Empire against the dreaded Chingers, an enemy race of seven-foot-tall lizards. But Bill, a Technical Fertilizer Operator from a planet of farmers, wasn't interested in honor-he was only interested in two things: his chosen career, and the shapely curves of Inga-Maria Calyphigia. Then a recruiting robot shanghaied him with knockout drops, and he came to in deep space, aboard the Empire warship Christine Keeler. And from there, things got even worse.

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Index 324
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ISBN 0380003953
Cover Price kr 4,50
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Original Details
Original Publication Year 1965