Bill, the Galactic Hero: On the Planet of Tasteless Pleasure (Bill, the Galactic Hero) / Harrison, Harry ; David Bischoff (1990)

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Publication Date 1990
Nr of Pages 240
Format (size) Paperback
Publisher Avon Books (Mm)

BILL - the perfect Spaceship Trooper: big, brawny and brainwashed...

BILL - the perfect hero: ready to go anywhere, do anything to save his own neck, which is probably the only part of his body that is still his own...

BILL - back in the Army Hospital for yet another transplant and looking forward to a spot of R and R (which every Trooper translates as Rutting and Rotgut), and some respite from his troublesome adventures...

BILL doesn't have a hope. The nurses are steel robots, and he seems to have acquired a goat's foot - not for luck - at least, not the good kind. And the goat's foot seems to have acquired a goat-lady - the exceedingly demanding kind. She knows all about tasteless pleasure, and she aims to teach Bill everything he never wanted to know...

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Index 327
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ISBN 0380756641
Cover Price kr 3,95
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