Mind Snare / Gayle Greeno (1997)

Book Details
Publication Date 01-09-1997
Nr of Pages 352
Format (size) Paperback (17.8cm x 10.6cm)
Publisher DAW
Language English

Someone is determined to end the acting careers with the famous Stanislaus Troupe of mother and son. And when an assassin's strike leaves Jerelynn on the brink of death, Glynn has no choice. He won't let his mother die--even if it means using forbidden and highly experimental technology to keep her alive. Yet this may prove but a temporary reprieve, for the assassins will not rest until their destruction is complete. Their only chance for survival lies in tracking down the people behind the killers.

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Index 316
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ISBN 0886777496
Cover Price kr 5,99
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Original Details
Original Publication Year 1997