Bill, the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Bottled Brains / Harrison, Harry (1990)

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Publication Date 01-05-1990
Nr of Pages 272
Format (size) Paperback
Publisher Avon Books (Mm)

Bill should know that you never complain in the Troopers. But when his new foot looks like turning into something green, scaly and abundantly clawed, a visit to the medics would seem to be reasonable. But before he can say 'Quintiform computer error' he seems to have got himself volunteered again, this time for a suicide mission on Tsuris - the planet nobody ever comes back from.

A number, exactly a billion in fact, of Tsurisians have no body at all to speak of, and reside in bottles, which as Bill remarks, is an awful lot of bottles. And Bill is going to need all the bottle he possesses to get himself out of this one...

If you want to bravely probe where no one has ever probed before, then join Bill, Splock and Captain Dirk as once again our Galactic Hero investigates new depths in the realms of the science fiction cliche.

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Index 325
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ISBN 0380756625
Cover Price kr 3,95
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Original Publication Year 1990