Olympiad: An Historical Novel: An Historical Novel - Tom Holt - Paperback / Tom Holt (2001)

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Publication Date 01-02-2001
Nr of Pages 368
Format (size) Paperback
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Two thousand, seven hundred and seventy-six years ago, a group of men ran between two piles of stones and invented sport. If, that is, history can be believed. The first-ever Olympic Games in 776 BC were apparently so memorable that all Western chronology is based upon them. All that we know about them is the name of the man who won the race. Over two and a half millennia later, it's about time somebody told the story. This enthralling historical novel, filled with adventure and misadventure, will confirm Tom Holt's place as an innovative, challenging, and wonderfully entertaining writer of historical fiction.

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Index 350
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ISBN 0349113165
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