But What of Earth? / Piers Anthony (1976)

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Publication Date 1989
Nr of Pages 256
Format (size) Paperback (17.2cm x 10.6cm)
Publisher Tom Doherty Assoc Llc
Language English

A story about a bleak future for human kind.
The story is more of a warning to the reader as to what could happen to our society if the current trend of disassociation, disregard, and irresponsibility continues.

"But what of Earth" proposes an escape from this reality with the advent of matter transmission. However it is this easy escape that enlightens the characters to realization that what is left of Earth is worth saving.

A great story, with thought provoking ideas and concepts. It is a journey of discovery where the destination is that of the value of home, health and self.

The book also presents the ways in which storys and novels are frequently mutalated to such an extent where the focus is lost. These added editorial comments add to the understanding of the literary process.

With every time I have read "But What of Earth" I have found more meaning and hidden truths. It is a book that can be read and enjoyed many times. For anyone that enjoys a sci-fi story, with a reasonable basis in real life, I can only say that this is a must read novel.

When Piers Anthony sold the story originally, things went wrong. What was published was horrible and mainly not what he had sent in. Not to mention the fact of another writer's name also on the book. In many footnotes, Piers tells us of the many, many changes to his novel as recorded in various inks & handwritings on the manuscript. The story of the evil forces destroying his book, line by line is quite fascinating.

The other bonus treat is the story of what the novel is about. Mixed in with the footnotes of changes are glimpses into the author's purposes. This improves my enjoyment of the novel as it connects things together that I would have missed until a later re-reading, which, honestly, might never have happened.

Fair novel with adventure and insight into the world of writing, publishing and creativity. Not Piers' best, but it is worth some time, especially if writing interests you.

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Original Publication Year 1976