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Author Title Publication Year Publisher Format ISBN
Lisle, Holly; Nolan, Ted HELL ON HIGH A DEVILS POINT NOVEL 1997 Baen Paperback 0671877801 Details
Lisle, Holly; Spence, Walter The Devil and Dan Cooley 1996 Baen Paperback 0671877569 Details
Lynn Nye, Jody; McCaffrey, Anne The Ship Errant 1997 Baen Paperback 0671878549 Details
M Kornbluth, C Syndic Tor Books Paperback 0523485433 Details
MacBride Allen, Roger Farside Cannon 1988 Baen Paperback 0671654284 Details
MacBride Allen, Roger Isaac Asimov's Caliban 1994 Gollancz Mass Market Paperback 1857981685 Details
MacBride Allen, Roger Orphan of Creation 1991 Orbit Paperback 0708849598 Details
MacBride Allen, Roger The Ocean of Years (The Chronicles of Solace, Book 2) 2002 Spectra Paperback 0553583646 Details
MacLeod, Ken Newton's Wake 2004 Time Warner Books Uk Paperback 1841492248 Details
Martin H. Greenberg The Giant Book of Science Fiction Stories 1995 Parragon Publishing Paperback 1858130484 Details
Martin H. Greenberg; Asimov, Isaac Isaac Asimov Presents Great Science Fiction 19 (1957: 19) 1989 DAW Paperback 0886773261 Details
Matthews, Susan R. Angel of Destruction 2001 Roc Mass Market Paperback 0451458494 Details
Matthews, Susan R. Colony Fleet 2000 Eos Paperback 038080316X Details
Matthews, Susan R. The Devil and Deep Space (Roc Science Fiction) 2002 Roc Paperback 0451459016 Details
Mavor, James W Voyage to Atlantis Fontana Paperback 0006332501 Details
May, Julian Diamond Mask (Galactic Milieu Trilogy) 1995 Del Rey Paperback 0345362489 Details
May, Julian Jack the Bodiless 1993 Pan MacMillan Paperback 033028553X Details
May, Julian Magnificat (Galactic Milieu Trilogy, No 3) 1997 Del Rey Paperback 0345362497 Details
May, Julian Surveillance 1988 Del Rey Paperback 0345355237 Details
May, Julian The Adversary 1983 Pan MacMillan Paperback 0330280317 Details
May, Julian The Golden Torc 1982 Pan MacMillan Paperback 0330267191 Details
May, Julian The Many-coloured Land (The Saga of the Exiles) 1982 Tor Paperback 033026656X Details
May, Julian The Nonborn King 1983 Pan MacMillan Paperback 033026902X Details
McArthur, Maxine Time Future 2001 Aspect Paperback 0446609633 Details
McCaffrey, Anne Damia 1993 Transworld Pub Paperback 0552137642 Details
McCaffrey, Anne Damia's Children 1994 Transworld Pub Paperback 0552139122 Details
McCaffrey, Anne DINOSAUR PLANET #1 1978 Del Rey Paperback 0345272455 Details
McCaffrey, Anne Dragonflight (Dragonriders of Pern Trilogy (Paperback)) 1986 Del Rey Mass Market Paperback 0345335465 Details
McCaffrey, Anne Freedom's Challenge 1999 Transworld Pub Paperback 0552146277 Details
McCaffrey, Anne Freedom's Choice 1997 Transworld Pub Paperback 0552142735 Details
McCaffrey, Anne Freedom's Landing 1996 Transworld Pub Paperback 0552142719 Details
McCaffrey, Anne Nimisha's Ship 2000 Del Rey Paperback 0345434250 Details
McCaffrey, Anne Pegasus in Flight (Del Rey Books (Paperback)) 1991 Del Rey Paperback 0345368975 Details
McCaffrey, Anne Pegasus in Space 2000 Transworld Pub Paperback 0552146307 Details
McCaffrey, Anne The Girl Who Heard Dragons 1995 Tor Fantasy Paperback 0812510992 Details
McCaffrey, Anne Tower/Hive #4: Lyon's Pride (TOWER) 1994 Transworld Publishers Ltd Paperback 0552142182 Details
McCaffrey, Anne; Ball, Margaret Partnership 1994 Orbit Paperback 1857232046 Details
McCaffrey, Anne; Lackey, Mercedes The Ship Who Searched 1994 Time Warner Books Uk Paperback 1857232054 Details
McCaffrey, Anne; Lynn Nye, Jody Crisis on Doona 1993 Time Warner Books Uk Paperback 1857231295 Details
McCaffrey, Anne; Lynn Nye, Jody Treaty Planet 1994 Orbit Paperback 1857231848 Details