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Author Title Publication Year Publisher Format ISBN
Delany, Samuel R. Nova 1971 Sphere Paperback 0722128916 Details
Delany, Samuel R. The Ballade of Beta-2 AND Empire Star 1965 Ace Paperback Details
Delany, Samuel R. The fall of the towers Sphere Paperback 0722128991 Details
Delany, Samuel R. The towers of Toron Sphere Unknown Binding 0722128843 Details
Denton, Bradley Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede 1992 Avon Books (Mm) Paperback 0380718766 Details
Devenport, Emily Godheads 1998 Roc Paperback 0451456807 Details
Devenport, Emily Shade 1991 New Amer Library (Mm) Paperback 0451450620 Details
Dick, Philip K. Blade Runner 1987 Del Rey Paperback 0345350472 Details
Dick, Philip K. Dr. Bloodmoney 1990 Legend paperbacks Paperback 0099149605 Details
Dick, Philip K. Valis 1981 Bantam Books Paperback 0553141562 Details
Dick, Philip K. Vulcan's Hammer 1976 Arrow Bks. Paperback 0099133008 Details
Dickson, Gordon R. The Alien Way 1982 Ace Books Paperback 0441016936 Details
Dickson, Gordon R. The Earth Lords 1989 Sphere Books Paperback 0747402426 Details
Dickson, Gordon R. Time Storm (Sphere Science Fiction) 1987 Time Warner Paperbacks Paperback 0722129505 Details
Dietz, William C. Bodyguard (Culpepper Adventures) 1994 Ace Books Paperback 044100105X Details
Dietz, William C. By Blood Alone 2002 Ace Books Mass Market Paperback 0441006310 Details
Dietz, William C. By Force of Arms 2000 Ace Paperback 044100735X Details
Dietz, William C. Death Day 2002 Ace Paperback 0441009816 Details
Dietz, William C. Drifter 1991 Ace Books Paperback 0441168132 Details
Dietz, William C. Earth Rise 2003 Ace Books Mass Market Paperback 0441011047 Details
Dietz, William C. For More Than Glory (Ace Science Fiction) 2004 Ace Paperback 0441012140 Details
Dietz, William C. For Those Who Fell 2005 Ace Paperback 0441012671 Details
Dietz, William C. Legion of the Damned 1993 Ace Books Mass Market Paperback 0441480403 Details
Dietz, William C. McCade for Hire 2004 Ace Trade Paperback 0441011292 Details
Dietz, William C. McCade on the Run 2005 Ace Trade Paperback 0441012426 Details
Dietz, William C. Steelheart 1998 Ace Paperback 044100542X Details
Dietz, William C. The Final Battle 1995 Ace Paperback 044100217X Details
Dietz, William C. Where the Ships Die (Dell Picture Yearling) 1996 Ace Books Paperback 0441003540 Details
Donaldson, Stephen Forbidden Knowledge 1992 Harpercollins Pub Ltd Paperback 0006470203 Details
Donaldson, Stephen The Illearth War 1996 Harpercollins Pub Ltd Paperback 0006152465 Details
Donaldson, Stephen The Power That Preserves 1978 Harpercollins Pub Ltd Paperback 0006152473 Details
Donaldson, Stephen The Real Story 1999 Harpercollins Pub Ltd Paperback 000647019X Details
Dorn, Michael; Hemingway, Hilary; Lindsay, Jeffry P. Time Blender (Time Blender) 1997 HarperCollins Publishers Mass Market Paperback 0061056820 Details
Drake, David All the Way to the Gallows 1996 Baen Paperback 0671877534 Details
Drake, David Igniting the Reaches 1995 Ace Books Paperback 0441001793 Details
Drake, David The Voyage (Hammer Universe) 1995 Tor Science Fiction Paperback 0812513401 Details
E Van Vogt, A. The best of A. E. van Vogt 1974 Sphere Unknown Binding 0722187742 Details
England, Terry Rewind 1997 Avon Books Mass Market Paperback 0380786966 Details
Evans, David Time Station London (Time Station Series) 1996 Ace Books Paperback 0441003648 Details
Evans, Linda; Asprin, Robert Ripping Time 2000 Baen Paperback 0671578677 Details