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Author Title Publication Year Publisher Format ISBN
Pohl, Frederik Gateway 1987 Del Rey Paperback 0345346904 Details
Pohl, Frederik Heechee Rendezvous 1985 Del Rey Paperback 0345300556 Details
Pohl, Frederik Homegoing 1990 Del Rey Paperback 034536550X Details
Pohl, Frederik Narabedla Ltd. 1991 Gollancz Paperback 0575050551 Details
Pohl, Frederik; M Kornbluth, C Critical mass Bantam Books Paperback 0553109480 Details
Pratchett, Terry A Hat Full of Sky 2005 Corgi Paperback 0552551449 Details
Pratchett, Terry Eric (Discworld S.) 1991 Gollancz Paperback 0575051914 Details
Pratchett, Terry Interesting Times (Discworld S.) Corgi Adult Paperback 0552142352 Details
Pratchett, Terry Lords and Ladies (Discworld Novel S.) 1993 Corgi Adult Paperback 0552138916 Details
Pratchett, Terry Men at Arms 1994 Corgi Adult Paperback 0552140287 Details
Pratchett, Terry Mort (Discworld Novel S.) 1988 Corgi Adult Paperback 0552131067 Details
Pratchett, Terry Moving Pictures (Discworld Novel S.) Corgi Adult Paperback 0552134635 Details
Pratchett, Terry Pyramids (Discworld Novel S.) 1999 Corgi Adult Paperback 0552134619 Details
Pratchett, Terry Small Gods (Discworld Novel S.) 1993 Corgi Adult Paperback 0552138908 Details
Pratchett, Terry Soul Music (Discworld Novel S.) 1995 Corgi Adult Paperback 0552140295 Details
Pratchett, Terry Sourcery (Discworld Novel S.) 1989 Corgi Adult Paperback 0552131075 Details
Pratchett, Terry The Colour of Magic (Discworld Novel S.) 1985 Corgi Adult Paperback 0552124753 Details
Pratchett, Terry The Unadulterated Cat: A Campaign for Real Cats Victor Gollancz Paperback 0575061049 Details
Pratchett, Terry The Wee Free Men 2004 Corgi Childrens Paperback 0552549053 Details
Pratchett, Terry; Briggs, Stephen The Discworld Companion 1995 Orion Paperback 0575060026 Details
Pratchett, Terry; Gaiman, Neil Good Omens 1991 Corgi Adult Paperback 0552137030 Details
Preuss, Paul The gates of heaven 1980 Bantam Books Paperback 0553134094 Details
Rankin, Robert A Dog Called Demolition 1996 Not Avail Paperback 0552142131 Details
Rankin, Robert Apocalypso 1999 Not Avail Mass Market Paperback 0552145890 Details
Rankin, Robert Armageddon the Musical 1991 Not Avail Paperback 0552136816 Details
Rankin, Robert Brentford Triangle 1992 Not Avail Paperback 0552138428 Details
Rankin, Robert Dance of the Vodoo Handbag 1998 Not Avail Mass Market Paperback 0552145807 Details
Rankin, Robert East of Ealing 1992 Not Avail Mass Market Paperback 0552138436 Details
Rankin, Robert Knees Up Mother Earth (Brentford Trilogy) 2005 Orion Publishing Group, Ltd. Paperback 0575076496 Details
Rankin, Robert Nostradamus Ate My Hamster 1997 Not Avail Mass Market Paperback 0552143553 Details
Rankin, Robert Raiders of the Lost Car Park 1994 Corgi Adult Paperback 0552138339 Details
Rankin, Robert Sex & Drugs & Sausage Rolls 2000 Not Avail Paperback 0552147419 Details
Rankin, Robert Snuff Fiction 1999 Corgi Adult Mass Market Paperback 0552145904 Details
Rankin, Robert Sprout Mask Replica 1997 Not Avail Paperback 0552143561 Details
Rankin, Robert The Antipope 1992 Not Avail Mass Market Paperback 055213841X Details
Rankin, Robert The Book of Ultimate Truths 1994 Not Avail Mass Market Paperback 055213922X Details
Rankin, Robert The Brentford Chainstore Massacre 1998 Not Avail Mass Market Paperback 055214357X Details
Rankin, Robert The Fandom of the Operator 2002 Flamingo Paperback 0552148970 Details
Rankin, Robert The Garden of Unearthly Delights 1996 Not Avail Paperback 0552142123 Details
Rankin, Robert The Greatest Show Off Earth 1995 Corgi Adult Paperback 0552139246 Details