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Author Title Publication Year Publisher Format ISBN
Humanoids, The (Mysteries of Time & Space) Futura Pubns. Paperback 0860070573 Details
Mammoth Book of Best New Science Fiction 1987 Robinson Pub. Paperback 094816431X Details
Adams, Douglas Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency 1987 Pocket Paperback 0671657690 Details
Adams, Douglas Life, the Universe and Everything 1983 Pocket Paperback 0671601075 Details
Adams, Douglas Long, Dark Tea-Time of the Soul 1989 Pan MacMillan Paperback 0330309552 Details
Adams, Douglas Mostly Harmless 2001 Pan MacMillan Paperback 0330323113 Details
Adams, Douglas So Long and Thanks for all the Fish 1985 Pocket Paperback 0671525808 Details
Adams, Douglas The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 1995 Del Rey Paperback 0345391802 Details
Adams, Douglas The Restaurant at the End of the Universe 1984 Pocket Paperback 0671532642 Details
Alan Gardner, James Commitment Hour 1998 Eos Paperback 0380798271 Details
Alan Gardner, James Expendable 1999 Eos Paperback 038079439X Details
Aldiss, Brian W Barefoot in the head Corgi Paperback 0552096539 Details
Aldiss, Brian W Hothouse Sphere Paperback 0722110901 Details
Aldiss, Brian W Intangibles Inc: And other stories: five novellas, Faber Unknown Binding 0571089577 Details
Aldiss, Brian W Shape of Further Things 2001 House of Stratus Paperback 0755100859 Details
Aldiss, Brian W The saliva tree Sphere Paperback 0722111029 Details
Allen, Thomas B.; MacBride Allen, Roger ALLIES & ALIENS 1995 Baen Paperback 0671876589 Details
Anderson, Kevin J. Hidden Empire 2003 Gardners Books Paperback 0743430654 Details
Anderson, Poul Mirkheim 1978 Macdonald & Co Paperback 0722111460 Details
Anderson, Poul Orion Shall Rise 1991 Baen Paperback 0671720902 Details
Anderson, Poul The Stars Are Also Fire 1995 Saint Martin's Press Paperback 0812530225 Details
Anthony, Patricia Happy Policeman 1996 Ace Books Paperback 0441003214 Details
Anthony, Piers But What of Earth? 1989 Tom Doherty Assoc Llc Paperback 0812530985 Details
Anthony, Piers Executive 1985 Avon Books (Mm) Paperback 0380898349 Details
Anthony, Piers Mercenary 1984 Avon Books (Mm) Paperback 0380872218 Details
Anthony, Piers Neq the Sword 1975 Corgi Childrens Paperback 0552098248 Details
Anthony, Piers Omnivore 1969 Corgi Childrens Paperback 0552105287 Details
Anthony, Piers Politician 1985 Avon Books (Mm) Paperback 0380896850 Details
Anthony, Piers Refugee 1983 Avon Books (Mm) Paperback 0380841940 Details
Anthony, Piers THE SOURCE OF MAGIC 1979 Del Rey Paperback 0345287657 Details
Anthony, Piers Total Recall 1990 Avon Books (Mm) Paperback 0380708744 Details
Asimov, Isaac AZAZEL 1990 Spectra Paperback 0553283391 Details
Asimov, Isaac Buy Jupiter 2000 Gollancz Mass Market Paperback 1857989414 Details
Asimov, Isaac CAVES OF STEEL 1986 Del Rey Paperback 0345338200 Details
Asimov, Isaac CURRENTS OF SPACE 1985 Del Rey Paperback 0345335449 Details
Asimov, Isaac DAVID STARR SPACE RANGER/LUCKY STARR AND 1993 Spectra Paperback 0553291661 Details
Asimov, Isaac Earth Is Room Enough 1976 Fawcett Crest Paperback B000CZ4JUU Details
Asimov, Isaac FANTASTIC VOYAGE II 1988 Spectra Paperback 0553273272 Details
Asimov, Isaac Forward the Foundation Bantam Paperback 0553404881 Details
Asimov, Isaac Foundation 1986 Del Rey Paperback 0345336275 Details